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Member Of The Month - July 2017


Jennifer at Mile 26 of the 2017 Big Sur Marathon

How did you hear about Pacifica Runners?

I had done a few training runs with the Coastside Runners Club in HMB in preparation for the Half Moon Bay Marathon in 2013 and though "this is a great idea!" Although I don't remember the details exactly, someone in that group told me about Pacifica Runners which was just getting started at that time.

How long have you been a runner?

I have always run "a little" but didn't really start enjoying it until about 10 years ago.

How did you get into running?

In high school I was required to run 3 miles every morning as part of a dance team I was on, and I hated it! However, I continued to run short distances (1-2 miles) fairly often because it was the best way to get some cardio exercise. Still hated it. Then, a friend invited me to participate the in Fog Jog about 10 years ago. A first I thought "5 miles?? I can't do that!" But then a bit of a competitive spirit made me give it a try. And I was shocked to find that while the first 2 miles or so are always sort of awful, it actually gets BETTER after that. Once I discovered that, I was sold on it. Now the chance to do a long run feels like a real luxury.

Do you have a favorite race(s)?

I love the half marathons hosted in San Pedro County Park; the view from the turn around point is pretty unbelievable and those races are usually small with a community feel. The Big Sur Marathon was my funnest race so far.

What are your favorite running trails/routes?

My favorite local runs are definitely any of the San Pedro County Park trails. Love the variety of the trails and the amazing views. 

What are your future running goals?

Basically to keep doing it without injury. I do have a "bucket list" to run some destination marathons in international cities, so maybe someday . . . .

What do you enjoy most about Pacifica Runners?

I love that I have met some people that I would not otherwise know. I love the motivation to get up Saturday mornings to meet at the Pier. I have not had the chance to do the Wednesday workouts yet but if I can get my work schedule to lessen up a bit, I will be there!

Any other cool info about yourself?

I grew up in Dallas but have been in the Bay Area for about 20 years. I have two kids (one in college, one in high school) who have miraculously survived my bad parenting. I am the general counsel of a publicly-traded health care technology company and truly enjoy my work, although the hours are a bit longer than I would like. I am celebrating my 25 wedding anniversary this month. I am obsessed with my two cats. I like to try new, weird things (I joined a women's soccer league even though I had never played a day in my life [I ended up playing for 5 years!]; and I danced in a local production of the Nutcracker last year). I am looking for my next new, weird thing. Any ideas???


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