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How did you hear about Pacifica Runners?

From board member and dear friend Fran Hardcastle

How long have you been a runner?

8 years

How did you get into running?

I started by being team captain for Chase Corporate Challenge. 3.5 mile was a nice distance and I enjoyed the team work. Then, I decided to challenge myself to a 10K, then a Half, and then in 2010, ran my first marathon in NYC. Now, I can't imagine a world without running.

Do you have a favorite race(s)?

Yes, NYC marathon. It was my first marathon and I truly enjoy the 5 boroughs experience of NYC. There is energy from the city like no other.

What are your favorite running trails/routes?

My practice run route is from SOMA to Embarcadero to AT&T Ball Park and back. Perfect 10K for a daily run.

What are your future running goals?

I want to finish the 6 world majors!!! I have completed NYC, Chicago, and Boston. I am running Tokyo and Berlin in 2019 and hope to run London in 2020!

What do you enjoy most about Pacifica Runners?

Pacific Runners embody a true sense of community. I am so impressed by a number of diverse activities the group put together. I have participated in 3 races and most recently the relay race in December. It was so well organized and most importantly FUN!!! I also appreciate the weekly clinics to help runners train up. I think PR board rocks!!!

Any other cool info about yourself?

I believe running helps empower me. that is why I also serve as Vice Chair of the Girls on the Run Bay Area where we seek to advocate for healthy and confident girls. When I am not running, I am on the tennis court, playing tennis.

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