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Member Of The Month - MAY 2017


How did you hear about Pacifica Runners?

My mom (Nancy Colombo-O) is a member.

How long have you been a runner?

Since I was 5 (I'm 8 now)

How did you get into running?

I used to bike next to my mom on her runs. Then I started running short distances with her. My school had a turkey trot fun run when I was in kindergarten, and that was my first race. My mom got me a medal from a virtual run for doing it. After that I kept trying more 5ks.

Do you have a favorite race(s)?

Giants Race

What are your favorite running trails/routes?

Sawyer camp trail

What are your future running goals?

Run the Giants Race 10k this summer. Do an ironman someday.

What do you enjoy most about Pacifica Runners?

I like running in Pacifica, it's really pretty. And I like the cool prizes at their races. I'm really happy they have a kids category for the races now. I like trying my best to get one of those awards. I brought one to show and tell at school.

Any other cool info about yourself?

I'm really good at minecraft and love karate. In school my favorite subject is language arts.


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