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(Lyla at the Pacifica Foothills race in 2016)

How did you hear about Pacifica Runners?

When my family and I first moved to Pacifica (from SF) in 2012, I searched Facebook for running groups. I was a longtime lurker on the Pacifica Runners page for a few years before I officially became a member. I was inspired to make it official after seeing all the mutual member encouragement and smiling faces from the group run selfies. :)

How long have you been a runner?

Almost (ahem!) 30 years.

How did you get into running?

I was dragged into it kicking and screaming! LOL. I was a total slacker but had a boyfriend that was into running and he bought me running shoes and coerced me into going along with him. My first few attempts were around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park (just about 1 mile around). It was a struggle at first, but one day that mile felt pretty easy and I decided to go for one more and then one more...eventually, it became addictive for me and (in my prime) I was up to 10 miles a day. Through the years I have enjoyed running in many races including B2B, Run to the Far Side, and the Chronicle and Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country 1/2 Marathons.


Do you have a favorite race(s)?

It used to be the Bay to Breakers, which I would do almost every year, but eventually it got to be overrun with yahoos and started smelling too much like a toilet for my liking. Last year I did the Pacifica Foothills Trail Run which was a ton of fun! It was pouring rain and super slippery. I am a total weirdo and actually love running in the rain. It makes me feel like I am conquering the elements!

What are your favorite running trails/routes?

Just about anywhere in Pacifica! I feel so incredibly lucky to live here. My usual weekday run after dropping my daughters off for school is the Weiler Ranch trail and Old Trout Farm in San Pedro Valley Park. On the weekends, I love meeting up with the Pacifica Runners for the run from the pier. Mori Point and Rockaway are awesome for the epic views.

What are your future running goals?

Oh no! Ha...I don't have anything in particular planned. I am always working on staying injury free, increasing my speed and improving my form... It's been a while since I have done a half marathon though, so maybe 2018 will be the year it happens!

What do you enjoy most about Pacifica Runners?

Everything! The sense of community and getting to know new people, that it's so welcoming for all skill levels. It feels like a family and there's a sense of encouragement without being competitive. I also love the small world aspect. There are a couple members that are both from Dallas and went to rival high schools at the same time. and the same with me and Ami! We totally rolled in the same circles in high school and have so many things in common.

Any other cool info about yourself?

Back in the day, before kids, I rode a motorcycle as my primary method of transportation. My posse of motorcycle friends and I would do as many track days as we could possibly afford. I am addicted to ancestry.com and have found out that I have some really cool ancestors, including several Mayflower passengers and a celebrated folk painter, William Matthew Prior. Currently, I am proud to be a small business owner, which allows me to provide remote employment opportunities to talented people for whom a 9-to-5 onsite office gig is not the best fit (including myself!).

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